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Talent Acquisition

Caisel Cove Advisors is a trusted talent acquisition partner in the crypto investment industry.

Our global network of talent-sourcing partnerships, institutional and crypto-native industry-wide relationships, combined with decades of experience at top-tier investment and executive search firms evaluating investment talent, teams, strategies, and C-suite executives enables us to provide fully vetted, high-performing, top-pedigree candidates to hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals at leading crypto investment, proprietary trading, and venture capital firms, as well as portfolio companies.

Our goal is to be the most successful and most trusted talent acquisition firm in the crypto investment industry.

Capital Placement

At Caisel Cove Advisors, we specialize in raising capital for hedge funds that pursue both traditional and crypto-focused investment strategies.

With a team of former allocators and senior investment sales professionals with deep global relationships, we bring extensive experience to your business development efforts. We employ a selective process when partnering with portfolio managers in order to confidently extend our global network of institutional allocator relationships, family offices, pensions funds, endowments, foundations, and other institutional investors. Our services go beyond capital raising by providing our clients with additional support across marketing, business development, and investor relations.

Hedge Fund Due

The rapid pace of innovation in the crypto industry has given rise to investment strategies that can offer highly attractive risk-adjusted returns. These strategies are new and unique to blockchain infrastructure, run on fragmented centralized and decentralized exchanges, and present new risks that can be difficult to evaluate using traditional due diligence methods.

At Caisel Cove Advisors, we’ve conducted over five hundred manager due diligence meetings and have a deep understanding of the global universe of crypto hedge funds and crypto investment strategies. Our team of experienced professionals, with their extensive backgrounds in blockchain engineering; crypto-market, portfolio, and counterparty risk management; and infrastructure, operations, and cybersecurity, as well as policy and regulatory compliance, can guide you through your manager selection and underwriting efforts, giving you confidence in your capital allocation decisions, whether through direct fund investment or separately managed account.

Security, and Operations

Asset managers looking to add digital assets and digital asset trading strategies to traditional portfolios face a complex set of challenges that are unique to blockchain and crypto infrastructure. While the benefits of adding investments in uncorrelated, high risk-adjusted return digital asset strategies are well documented, the requirements of thoughtful and well-planned strategic implementation are not.

Special consideration needs to be given to managing counterparty risk, the use of qualified custodians and crypto-native prime brokers, on-chain and centralized exchange security, banking, insurance, trade execution and settlement, integration and connectivity of managed accounts, as well as risk management, accounting, audit, and administration services, to name a few. In addition, the rapidly evolving global regulatory landscape requires comprehensive analysis to meet compliance requirements and expand into jurisdictional opportunities.

Our team of expert advisors can guide you through your strategic infrastructure, security, and operational setup to fully capture the digital asset opportunity.