Caisel Cove Advisors

Stronger Together:
Achieving success through strategic partnership

Hedge Funds

Traditional and crypto-focused hedge funds looking to source, evaluate, and hire crypto investment talent and trading teams, implement specific trading strategies or build entire crypto business verticals. In addition, capital-raising and investor-introductory services, and institutional investment and operational due diligence reviews.

Institutional Asset Managers

Traditional institutional asset managers, FoFs, and family offices seeking exposure to digital asset strategies via fund investment or managed accounts. Curated manager sourcing and evaluation by strategy, individual crypto manager research, investment and operational due diligence reviews, and managed account setup. In addition, policy and regulatory advisory services and infrastructure, security, and operational setup.

Institutional Trading Firms

Institutional trading firms looking for strategic talent acquisition across CeFi, DeFi, and market-making strategies. Curated investment team and strategy sourcing, evaluation, and onboarding. Sourcing and hiring of top pedigree investment teams generating high quality-returns, meaningful capital deployment, and substantial business PnL production.

Multi-Strategy Firms

Institutional multi-strategy investment firms building out crypto verticals in need of talent acquisition, strategy sourcing, evaluation, and implementation; infrastructure, security, and operational setup; crypto and counterparty risk management; and SMA structuring and implementation.

Investment Teams & Talent

Investment teams, portfolio managers, traders, quantitative research analysts, engineers, and software developers, as well as C-suite executives looking for top-tier placement opportunities.

Venture Capital

Venture capital firms looking to expand at all levels within their organization or build new business verticals, in addition to talent acquisition at the portfolio company level, hiring C-suite executives, software engineers, technicians, and go-to-market specialists, as well as business development and sales professionals.

We build meaningful partnerships with expertise that elevates.

We work with a wide range of clients, from single-manager hedge funds to large multi-billion-dollar institutions. The team at Caisel Cove Advisors has been surgically assembled to provide clients with deep expertise in each vertical of advisory services: Investment Talent Acquisition; Capital Placement; Hedge Fund Due Diligence; and Infrastructure, Security, and Operations. We provide customized solutions to achieve the scope and specificity of each client’s aspirations.

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